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New Wall Painting In Landsdale Perth

landsdale new wall painting

This new wall painting job in Landsdale Perth was quite straight forward.

The job was made easier by the fact the carpet and blinds were not installed.

First to be done was to apply the oil sealer to all the new walls.

Next we applied Dulux wash and wear low sheen to the new walls.

Minor filling was then done to the walls.

The filler was then rubbed down and spotted in with paint.

Last job was to apply the final coat of Dulux wash and wear to all the new walls.

The client picked one main colour to go throughout with a few feature colours.

Here are our finish new wall pictures:

landsdale new wall painting new wall painting perth new wall painting Averley Perth

new wall painting landsdale feature colour to new walls new wall painters landsdale

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