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Perth Concrete Resurfacing

About Concrete Resurfacing:

The products we use can be applied to:

  • Garage Floors
  • Driveways
  • Internal tiles
  • commercial Concrete Floors

Concrete Resurfacing Preparation:

  • Crack Repair
  • Acid Wash
  • Degrease & Pressure Clean
  • Masking Up
  • Priming

How we work on your concrete Resurfacing:

If your concrete floor cannot be acid washed we then use a concrete grinder to give us the surface we need to apply our products.

All cracks are ground to a depth approximate 30mm.

we then acid wash and clean floor.

The cracks are then filled with the epoxy mix.

we recommend that extra expansion joints are cut near repaired area’s to alleviate stress in the concrete.

The merit of the crack repair is assessed on each job and its success cannot be guaranteed.

Base coats are applied.

stencils laid or your pattern taped.

Then which ever finish that you have picked is applied. 

It is then finished off in a 2 pack urethane.

we can also make your concrete floors non slip.


Exterior Resurfacing

exterior resurfacing finishes
exterior resurfacing finishes


Integral Colours

concrete resurfacing colours
concrete resurfacing colours

Colours are only a guide and may vary

Colour Hardener

concrete hardener colours

Colours are only a guide and may vary

Concrete Sealer Colours

colours of concrete sealer

Colours are only a guide and may vary

Interior Flakes

flake colours for concrete resurfacing

Colours are only a guide and may vary

All the colours can be made into any of the Dulux colour range so if there is a particular colour you would like as a base we can do that for you.

The great thing about the Avista products we can play around with the colours and flakes, fleck and crushed glass to give you loads of different finishes and options.

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